PLUS AND MINUS EQUALS- Why organise your own concert

Putting on your own concert is hard work. Full stop and underscored. But what makes it hard, and why bother?

The biggest challenge I have faced in being my own mini concert organiser is that I’m not just that. The reality is that there are so many different hats to be worn that sometimes it does feel like your hat-wearing head is about to explode.

Location scout, venue booker, emailer and phone call maker, graphic designer, marketer, mailing list collator, press release writer, media agent, accountant, social media wiz, website builder and ticketing manager.

I’ve got 4 concerts coming up between August and November and for most of the last month I have spent a least an hour a day working on admin related to the concerts. Often more than an hour.


And we haven’t even got to the music.

Or little niceties like what to wear.


Nothing beats the joy and satisfaction of sharing music you love and have especially chosen with an appreciative audience in a fabulous venue. The end goal is amazing, and worth every minute of blood, sweat and tears that you as an organiser and performer put in.

It’s so often the case in creative endeavours that the minuses can seemingly outweigh the pluses, or at least, in the long run, prove less memorable!


What stops you from taking the plunge and organising your own concert?